Designing Your Parking Lot Lighting to be Cost-effective

by Finlay

A parking lot is meant to be a safe place for both drivers and their cars. Hence, proper lighting is essential as this will help illuminate the area, increasing visibility. However, in a bid of providing a haven for cars, you should be able to manage cost even while getting the best lighting. Therefore, proper care should be taken when designing your parking lot with respect to the lighting.

Parking lot lighting designs

Parking lot lighting design does not only mean the type of lightbulb, the color of light, or the light’s position, but it has to do with everything concerning the lighting of the parking lot. Right from the planning stage to preparing, fixing, and all the analyses involved make it cost-effective.

In other words, your lighting design should not just be beautiful, but worth the time and money spent on it. So, let’s look at the process of getting your parking lot lighting design;

  • Making a list

This is the first stage of getting your design right. Here, you have to put different things into consideration. Starting from the type of light, the number of lambs, color, position, and light poles height, among other things.

Also, you should spot the trend among other parking lots in the area, if there are any. This will help you maintain the standard of parking lots in that particular area, keeping in mind that the standards and requirements are different for different areas. In general, this is the stage where you make an inventory of all you need for your parking lot lighting.

  • Light quality and quantity

This is the stage where you determine your light levels depending on the federal instruction concerning your type of parking space and the area where it is located. Apart from considering the law, you might have to consider the trees, poles, and other things that could affect your design. At this point, you decide what kind of luminaires you want for your parking space, bearing in mind that the ones that illuminate light evenly are often recommended.

  • Saving energy

Owning a parking lot as business demands that your device means saving energy as much as possible, especially during night hours when there are few to zero cars. Knowing or planning how to maximize energy will give your design a good form.

To know how to reduce your energy cost, source:

  • Cost-effectiveness

This is giving your parking lot lighting the value that it deserves. It ensures that the result of the lighting is worth every dime and effort put into the process. This can be achieved by assessing the pricing and cost of all needed from the other stages, adding the life-cycle cost, saving-to-investment ratio, return on investment, and other values. And then, conclude the result. This can be done with the help of cost-effective calculators.

In conclusion, it is possible to make your parking lot lighting beautiful, secure, and cost-effective. All you need to do is to follow the right steps and get your inputs and values right.

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