Tips For Buying The Right Chandelier For Your Place

by Finlay

There’s no doubt that a chandelier with baccarat crystal sounds like an exquisite addition to your place. However, there are some specific considerations you would have to make before you go ahead and buy it.

Get The Right Size

The size will always matter for your chandelier. You don’t want something overwhelming to your guests or gets underwhelmingly unnoticed due to the surrounding additions. Finding a balance can be challenging but not impossible. Here is a quick guide:

  • A general rule of thumb for a table chandelier is to get one that is 12 inches smaller in diameter than the table or the setting you have in mind.
  • Around 48 inches smaller than the room’s diameter is also a golden rule (from each wall, if you want a centerpiece)
  • At least a seven to eight feet high addition would be accurate from the ceiling. If not, get mini chandeliers.

Tips For Bulbs And Lighting

Among the best chandelier tips is where you can use a dialer to control the light’s level on your chandelier. This can help you set it according to the setting. Of course, the purpose of the chandelier also plays a vital role.

For instance, there are chandeliers with focused light and others with ambient lighting. For study purposes, focused is better, while ambient is better for complementing the room’s lighting, and so on.

Apart from these pointers, it avoids bulbs with high wattage consumption. That isn’t great for electricity bills or heating. Keep these points in mind, and you’re good to go.

The Weight Factor

When buying a chandelier, many people overlook the importance of the weight of the chandelier. If you get too heavy, you are inviting abrupt chaos into the house. Anyway, any chandelier that is 50 pounds or heavier will require additional security as a general rule. It is not just an addition anymore. It is the structure of the house and will require an equal amount of work.

This is also a good point for considering the budget. If you want a bigger or heavier chandelier, be ready to spend on structuring the house to hold it in place steadily.

You Can Always Add Maddalions And Ornaments

While buying a chandelier, the best you can do is look for a sturdy design that can hold medallions or ornaments steadily. You can always buy more baccarat crystals or hanging decorations for your chandelier if you have space. Correlatively, it is normal to lose or break some of these hanging designs over time. You can always buy more, so don’t feel down.


As a final tip, there are different types of bulbs. While halogens and others sound like a great idea, stick to LEDs. LED lights will last longer and prevent you from the trouble of changing them every few months or years.

Similarly, you might want to clean your chandelier from time to time to ensure longevity and an appealing appearance.

This ends all the essential chandelier tips. So, go ahead as now you’re ready to buy a chandelier.

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